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Declutter Day 365 – The Grande Finale

31 Jul



Reclaim space by decluttering. That was the goal. Simply dispose, donate or recycle one item per day for a year and 365 things that are never used, rarely used, or totally forgotten about will no longer clog up closets, drawers and storage lockers. That’s it. That was the plan. Well, that and the seemingly endless task of blogging once a day. Sounds easy right? One day at a time, no rush, just get rid of something, jot down a few notes, and voila, a blog is born. I wish it were that easy. Decluttering is one thing; writing on a daily basis is a whole other animal. Having said that…


After 365 days, the decluttered items total has reached 1,958, far surpassing the original goal. Mission accomplished! Oh, and the best part, I know where everything is now. Going through every inch of your home on a clutter reduction mission tends to have that effect.

To conclude the decluttering festivities, my JBL-L80 jblSpeakersspeakers have been dropped off at a Return-it recycling centre in Burnaby. Purchased in 1989 at a cost of $1000, these speakers were my second highest expenditure up to that point, trailing only my first three vehicles (and not by much). After 20 years of solid service, one of the speakers stopped working in March of 2009. From that point until today, the speakers served as glorified end tables, one for the telephone, and the other for displaying family photos.

For those of you in need of a continuing daily declutter fix, check out my friend Meghan’s declutterdaily blog. She is closing in on the halfway point of decluttering daily for one year.

As for Daily Declutter, a break of a week or two is in order. What’s next? I’m not exactly sure yet. Check back in a couple of weeks to find out.

Thanks for reading!


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Declutter Day 358 – Legends Guide

24 Jul

Is it just me or was yesterday’s declutter description rather lengthy? legendsPriceGuideAnd to think it was a Saturday, which used to be treated like a day off. There was always an item decluttered, but the Saturday blog entry was usually on the brief side, a well-deserved respite from the grind of a long week. A near day off is definitely in order, on a Sunday this time for something different (or because it’s late and I’m tired).

Okay, here goes. A Legends Sports Memorabilia Pricing Guide has been removed from the sports section of my library and recycled. The date in the accompanying picture is difficult to make out so, for the record, this magazine is from September/October 1991. The 1991 issue? What? Why? Remember, this is a pricing guide. The odds of finding a current price inside are pretty much zero. Classic clutter.

One week to go!

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Declutter Day 355 – Music Binders

21 Jul

The 300-disc capacity CD player decluttered on day 300 is long gone, but two related items of clutter managed stick around for another 55 days before being noticed. Two binders (yes, go ahead and yawn, more binders) full of an incredible amount of useless information are the subject of today’s declutter action.

Here is the gist of the story. Purchasing the mega CD musicBindersplayer was supposed to make life easier or, more specifically, more organized. It was cool too, kind of like having a jukebox at home. But there was a slight problem. After all the CDs were placed inside and the jewel cases, where the songs are typically listed, were put in boxes and stored in a closet, finding a particular song was difficult. The name of each CD could be programmed and displayed on the carousel but not the names of individual songs. Short of memorizing all the jewel case covers, something needed to be done.

And so it began, the arduous task of creating a computer file listing every CD as well as the name of every song. This took hours and hours, days and days, weeks and…um, it took a long time, enough said.

Halfway through the task it dawned on me. This was a bad idea. It was far too late though, finishing became an obsession, and it had nothing to do with being organized. That strong need to complete something, in this case a ridiculous music file, is similar to my current goal of decluttering on a daily basis for one year. At the middle point monotony set in, but after continuing to plug away steadily, the light at the end of the tunnel came into view.

This is slightly off topic but what the heck…10 more (decluttering) days to go!

My hard work resulted in a 68-page document with the entire CD collection listed in alphabetical order. Inexplicably, after those pages were printed, three-holed punched, inserted in groups of two into 34 individual pages protectors and placed in a binder, another binder was created, this one totaling 67 pages and categorized by genre instead of the alphabet. Don’t ask why. There is no intelligent answer. The same steps were taken to get this second binder ready, save for the page protectors. I must have run out. Binder number two did include a set of tab dividers though. Might as well add that to today’s declutter list.

To make a long story short (way too late), this was an enormous waste of time (and space). The CD player was set to scramble mode more often than not and searching for an artist on the component dial worked better than expected. Live and learn.

The binders, tab dividers and page protectors are headed to Value Village. The rest is recycling material. In all, 172 items decluttered today, not bad.


Declutter Day 347 – Messier Memorabilia

13 Jul

An old boss gave me this Mark Messier hockey card and New York Rangers puck combo for Christmas back in 2002. That boss figured the gift was perfect because…

  1. She is from New York; the Rangers are her favourite team.
  2. Messier played for the Vancouver Canucks from 1997-2000.
  3. The Canucks are my favourite team.
  4. Messier was back playing for the Rangers at the time.

The act was greatly appreciated but the gift itself, not messier300so much. My boss was unaware of the fact that the Messier era was not at all pleasant for Canuck fans. Yes, people were excited after the press conference announcing the three-year, 18 million dollar contract, but it all went downhill from there.

During his stint in Vancouver, the team missed the playoffs every year. It was highway robbery to the tune of 18 million bucks! To make matters worse, his salary was paid in US dollars. Remember the rate of the Canadian dollar in the late 90s? Ouch!

Also, there is the little matter of Messier scoring the winning goal in game seven of the 1994 Stanley Cup final against Vancouver. Looking at Messier and anything Rangers related is still painful to this day. The constant reminder must be decluttered. A collector friend who happens to be a longtime Ranger fan will be happy to take this unwanted piece of memorabilia off my hands.

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Declutter Day 345 – Thirty Records

11 Jul

An interesting mix of music is being decluttered on this the seventh day focused entirely on my record collection. I purchased some of the LPs listed below myself, obviously a long time ago (70s, 80s) when vinyl was still all the rage. Others were picked up at garage sales in the 90s, and a few were gifts. A couple of them might not even be mine, but they’re in my house, and have been for a very long time. My cluttered space is my clutter problem.

There are a various reasons for taking these 30 albums to Value Village this weekend. Some of the music exists in my CD collection and, as mentioned in previous blog entries, keeping duplicates is a silly waste of space. Several purchases were ill advised, in other words, certain records sucked. Unfortunately that fact did nothing to stop me from keeping them.

The garage sales were a big problem. They produced a few gems but resulted in a whole lot of crap. That tends to happen when a full box is purchased without its contents being checked. But it was such a good deal! Five bucks if I remember correctly.

Then there are the records that were cool to have, even if they were never played. Thankfully, my new, lethal attitude has eliminated that ridiculous way of thinking. No play, no stay…

  1. One Step Closer – The Doobie Brothers
  2. Let’s Play – Fats Domino
  3. I Am – Earth, Wind & Fire
  4. Greatest Hits – Olivia Newton-John
  5. Pyramid – The Alan Parsons Project
  6. Champagne Jam – Atlanta Rhythm Section
  7. Tupelo Honey – Van Morrison
  8. Cycles – Frank Sinatra
  9. Dirty Work – Rolling Stones
  10. Deliver – The Mamas & The Papas
  11. Live – Barry Manilow
  12. Greatest Hits – Johnny Horton
  13. The Best Of – Herman’s Hermits
  14. Romany – The Hollies
  15. The Very Best Of – Connie Francis
  16. Go Ahead and Cry – The Righteous Brothers
  17. Behind Closed Doors – Charlie Rich
  18. Uncut – The Powder Blues
  19. Zenyatta Mondatta – The Police
  20. Stardust – Willie Nelson
  21. Those Were The Days – Johnny Mathis
  22. I Just Found Out About Love – Johnny Mathis
  23. What About Me – Anne Murray
  24. Cruisin – Village People
  25. Greatest Hits – Elton John (where was this two days ago?)
  26. Million Dollar Babies – Alice Cooper
  27. 17 – Chicago
  28. Country & Western Stars (1960 compilation album) – Various Artists
  29. 24 Solid Hits (1964 compilation album) – Various Artists
  30. Fantastic (1973 compilation album) – Various Artists


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Declutter Day 344 – Great Book

10 Jul

Talking God by Tony Hillerman will be dropped in a book donation bin, or released through my account, or donated to a reader of this blog. One of the first two options will be selected a week from today unless someone indicates an interest in taking advantage of option number three. Whatever the result, in my view the book is considered decluttered as of today. Here is the all-important summary.

A grave robber and a corpse reunite Navajo Tribal Police Lt. Joe Leaphorn and Officer Jim Chee. As Leaphorn seeks the identity of a murder victim, Chee is arresting Smithsonian conservator Henry Highhawk for ransacking the sacred bones of his ancestors. As the layers of each case are peeled away, it becomes shockingly clear that they are connected, that there are mysterious others pursuing Highhawk, and that Leaphorn and Chee have entered into the dangerous arena of superstition, ancient ceremony, and living gods.

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Declutter Day 338 – Islanders Jacket

04 Jul

In 1987, my Kerry Park Islanders jacket was too big. It hung in a closet, untouched. A few years later the jacket was too small. It remained in a closet, collecting dust. After a few more years the style, a common one for 80s hockey jackets, was no longer stylish. It was transferred to a new closet, in a new home, still having never been worn. Eventually the jacket was too old (and still too small). For another decade, give or take a year or two, the jacket appeared in various closets inside different homes, relatively untouched of course, until one day a box, the hockey jersey box in the storage locker, became it’s permanent home. Several more years passed, then, the dawn of decluttering. The hockey jerseys were decluttered. Even the hockey jersey box was decluttered. The jacket was returned to a closet, not hung, but folded on a shelf, until today.

A clothing donation bin is too easy, a Value Village islandersJacketdonation is too obvious, and Craigslist is out of the question. This is where Google comes in handy. A little search and what do you know, my old team still exists. They have a website even, and more importantly, a mailing address. Since the Canada Post lockout/strike is over, the jacket can and will be mailed to the Islanders office, just for the sake of approaching today’s decluttering in a different way. I have no idea what the reaction will be from Islanders staff. The jacket is in great shape and represents team history. Maybe they will find a use for it, and maybe they will drop it in a clothing bin. Who knows? Whatever the outcome, the jacket is out of my hands, literally.

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Declutter Day 333 – Stupid White Men

29 Jun

Stupid White Men by Michael Moore is compelling, informative and funny, but far from timeless. A decade after the fact, a book about how George W. Bush and his family stole an election is old news. As interesting as it was to learn more about the fraudulent behaviour of politicians and judges during a tumultuous period in American politics, staying focused page after page became increasingly difficult. Most of the players involved have retired or been replaced. Ten years is a long time, too long for me to continue reading after reaching the midway point of this 280-page book. It will be decluttered through my account, one week from today.

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Declutter Day 325 – Hockey Art

21 Jun

Now that the hockey playoffs are over, this strange canuckArtpiece of art can be donated to Value Village. This item would have been decluttered months ago, if not for the queasy feeling that developed in my stomach whenever the thought crossed my mind. My slightly superstitious nature had me convinced that discarding something Vancouver Canucks-related might jinx the team, which is a totally ridiculous notion. Surely the outcome of a hockey game is not determined based on my clutter reduction decisions. I played it safe anyway, just in case.

The image provided is not all that clear, probably because of the glass cover, so a slight description is in order. Inside the wooden frame, there is a number 55 (Ed Jovanovski) Canucks jersey (the version introduced in the late 90s), two crude looking hockey sticks, an odd looking puck, and several newspaper clippings of great NHL moments from the 40s and 50s.

The current Canucks franchise entered the NHL in 1970, twenty to thirty years after the clippings were current news. As mentioned, the jersey displayed is from the 90s, making the combination of contents all the more confusing. It makes no sense at all. The contents are from different eras and focus on more that one team. Whose idea was this?

A former boss gave me this hockey art in 2004. The gift was appreciated but never really understood. I have never been able to find the right place for it in my home; time to stop trying.

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Declutter Day 322 – Wonky Cassette Tapes

18 Jun

Last month, several cassette tapes were removed from my music collection and decluttered. Shortly thereafter, I started listening to the tapes that were kept. The results have been disappointing, not due to the quality of music, but because some have deteriorated to the point where they are no longer playable. For lack of a better decluttering option, all tapes listed below have been thrown in the trash. All cases and inserts were recycled appropriately.

  1. Afterburner – ZZ Top
  2. Lap of Luxury – Cheap Trick
  3. Southern Accents – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  4. Doctor C.C. – Clarence Carter
  5. Colin James – Colin James
  6. Greatest hits – Nazareth
  7. Headed for the Future – Neil Diamond
  8. Up Your Alley – Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
  9. Cuts Like a Knife – Bryan Adams
  10. Charley Pride – Gold

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